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Best Practices in Hazardous Area IPC Design

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As the oil and gas industry moves toward the digital age, control and asset management is becoming more safe and efficient. However, to ensure that your oil and gas operation will run continuously, mission-critical panel computing systems cannot be delicate and hard to repair. Searing heat causes display blackouts and LCD motion blur, and corrupts the output of onboard components in unpredictable ways. For most platforms, system stability can’t be guaranteed until the average temperature rises above 0?C, or falls below 50?C.

Sunlight obscures visibility and micro-abrasions on touchscreens quickly degrade control functionality. In this paper, we show how the industry is changing the conventional definition of both HMI and industrial panel computers (IPCs) by reinforcing enterprise IT technology with industrial design principles to successfully bring the control room to the field operation—no matter the location.

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