MOXA at Intertraffic 2010 in Amsterdam with Complete Wireless and Network Infrastructure Solutions for Reliable Communication, Security and Control in Traffic Management

Munich, March 3, 2010

Moxa is going to present its complete wireless and networking solutions for reliable communication, security and control in traffic management at the 20th edition of Intertraffic in Amsterdam.

Wireless Networks
The new  EEE 802.11a/b/g compliant wireless access point AKW-6222 will be in the focus of Moxa´s booth.
Two independent RF modules with 2.4 and/or 5 GHz dual-band operation create essentially any topology to fit customer applications. The AP provides rugged design in combination with Moxa´s Turbo Roaming technology for seamless mobile client connection. Users can achieve ultra-reliable wireless networks under challenging mobile outdoor conditions from -40°C to 75°C. AWK-6222 meets EN50155/EN50121-3-2/50121-4 standards for railway and rolling stock. Wireless redundancy, Dual LAN Connection, STP/RSTP and QoS are just a few more of many advanced features, in addition to high security standards with WEP/WPA/WPA2/802.11X and powerful filters.

Ethernet Switches and Video Surveillance
Moxa´s solutions for transportation include the ToughNet series of managed  M12 Ethernet switches, the new TurboPack firmware for managed switches featuring TurboChain redundancy, LLDP, IPv6 and SNMP Inform and various video surveillance solutions, such as the VPort-15 IP camera for rolling stock applications, and the IP video server VPort-461.
For signalling and communication systems, Moxa’s EN 50121-4 certified Power Trans and IKS switches are the ideal reliable rack mount solutions. For large networks, the product of choice is the Layer 3 PT-7828 switch that includes routing (Static, RIP v1/2, OSPF) and authentication mechanism such as RADIUS and TACACS+, 4 gigabit ports and up to 24 10/100 Base X ports, with modular design.

Embedded Computers for Transportation
Moxa´s wide range of industrial-grade embedded computers ensure reliable communication, data processing and logging, monitoring and control and information display. The W406 is an embedded Linux or WinCE device that features an integrate GPRS/EDGE cellular module, two software-selectable RS-232/422/485 ports, 4+4DIO and one Ethernet port for remote or distributed Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). For use on vehicles, the e-mark-certified W311 and W321 wireless computers feature a WLAN module with serial and Ethernet ports. Moxa´s V2400 series of computers are Intel Atom-based embedded computers with models tailored for various vehicle types: rail-certified (EN50155, EN50121), for use on vehicles like trucks, trams or buses (e-mark), equipped with versatile audio/video output, and interfaces, such as serial and Ethernet ports, DI/DO channels, USB hosts, CAN, and wireless/cellular/GPS modules and storage mechanisms (CF, SD, SSD). Wide temperature range models of up to -40 to +85C ensure reliable operation in the most adverse environmental conditions. Customized solutions are available upon request.

Über Moxa
Moxa ist ein führender Hersteller von Lösungen für die industrielle Netzwerktechnik sowie für Computing- und Automatisierungsanwendungen. Seit der Unternehmensgründung 1987 hat Moxa mehr als 30 Millionen Geräte weltweit vernetzt und ein Vertriebs- und Servicenetz geschaffen, das Kunden in mehr als 70 Ländern erreicht.

Durch jahrzehntelange Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden und Partnern hat Moxa umfangreiches, interdisziplinär einsetzbares Fachwissen erworben. In Kombination mit einer ausgeprägten Service-Kultur entstehen maßgeschneiderte, passgenaue Lösungen, die auch unter extremen Bedingungen zuverlässig funktionieren. Ganz nach dem Motto: Reliable Networks, Sincere Service. So profitieren Moxas Kunden von nachhaltigen Unternehmenswerten dank verlässlicher Netzwerkstrukturen und Automatisierungssysteme.

In Europa ist der Industrie-Spezialist v.a. in den Branchen Transport, Fabrikautomation, Energiewirtschaft, Schifffahrt sowie Öl und Gas aktiv.

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